• Steak slices with eggs and vegetables
  • Sweet pastries with cream and ice cream
  • Sandwich with vegetables and fries on the side
  • Peppers, onions and mushrooms dish with vegies side
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About us

Inspired by the bold and eclectic flavors of traditional Vietnamese dishes, Little V Vietnamese Bistro is here to bring a vibrant twist to the cuisine we love most. Yes, we serve the favorites. In fact, our Pho and Shaking Beef are the most popular menu items.

However, we take a modern approach to other dishes, resulting in an exciting menu packed with specialties to delight any adventurous eater. Tied together with a warm, relaxing, and comfortable dining atmosphere, the bistro is perfect for a quick lunch, big family dinner, or an intimate date night complete with a great bottle of wine. No matter the occasion, the staff will make sure you leave impressed with the friendly service and with a newfound appreciation for Vietnamese food.